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    DSX Tech — function

    Sensor Transfer Function Generator

    Sensor Transfer Function Generator

    Most people probably never paid attention in math class because they figured they'd never use it. Well, I did, so I'll share some of the tricks from doing so.


    This Excel sheet is very easy to use. Enter two voltages, enter the value at each voltage, and the equation generates to the side in two formats (multiplier and divisor). Nothing fancy about it, but now when you're trying to set up a new wideband, this will quickly give you what you need!

    Click here for the DSX Transfer Function Generator

    Some generic options:

    AFX2 Wide:
    •0V - 0.411λ
    •5V - 1.373λ

    AFX2 Standard:
    •0V - 0.618λ
    •5V - 1.098λ

    0-100psi Pressure Sensor:
    •0.5V - 0psi
    •4.5V - 100psi