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    DSX Tuning is the project started by Dave Steck to push forward the world of GM tuning and performance using unique solutions to problems. Dave began tuning in 2007, and quickly pushed the boundaries of what was possible with factory GM computers. Dave has a B.S. in mechanical engineering, and originally worked as a powertrain engineer for Chrysler before pursuing a personal interest in the automotive field. He has applied his engineering and problem solving skills to address the things that sometimes people don't even realize they have to fix. 

    Pursuing flex fuel conversions on GM computers was a big project that started on a dining room table poking various ECMs with signals, and it turned into a successful product line across numerous platforms that people all over the world use. Now, DSX Tuning is proud to offer an ever expanding product line as well as the exceptional support and service to make sure the end user gets the most out of their vehicle. From flex fuel to fuel supply, custom electronics/sensors to custom tuning, DSX Tuning will always look for a challenge to provide a solution. We are happy to add a Haas VF5SS to our lineup for manufacturing and prototyping as well as the world's most advanced and capable Mainline ProHub dyno... the first AWD one in the United States! Call or email to discuss your needs!

    Our Team

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    Dave Steck

    Owner - DSX Tuning

    (314) 396-7333

    Matt Koenig

    Director of Parts & Service - DSX Tuning

    (314) 396-7333

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    Mike Ramer

    Manufacturing - DSX Tuning

    (314) 396-7333